Acquaviva Picena - Church of St. Nicolò

The church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari, the patron saint of Acquaviva, and completed within the first half of the sixteenth century, was subjected during the 800 extensions and a few architectural embellishments that made it just as today we can admire. The facade is marked by a horizontal cornice crowned by a pediment; portal is the work of stonemasons of Ascoli. The bell tower is a square tower with a balaustrina on the upper terrace from which rises a spire. The interior has a Latin cross plan with chapels and altars that look out on the only nave, houses interesting works of art like the picture of the baroque school of Our Lady of the Rosary, oil on canvas of the Deposition from the Cross, the painting of S . Nicholas, the blade of the Venetian school of the Finding of the Cross and the splendid coffin of the dead Christ, carving of the seventeenth century, which is carried in procession on Good Friday in the light of torches to the charming streets of the country. Stucco, painted decorations, the plaster statues of the Evangelists placed in the top niches and the masterpiece executed by the famous sculptor Ascoli D. Paci, depicting cherubs and angels in flight compounds including small clouds muffled and effects in a radial pattern, which surround the beautiful image of the Madonna and child, further enhance the fine architectural complex.

Acquaviva Picena - Church of St. Nicolò

Piazza San Nicolò
Acquaviva Picena (AP)

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