Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi and Classic Reserve DOCG

The Riserva version of the Verdicchio fully expresses why this wine is considered one of the most prestigious white wines in Italy and abroad.
Up to 15% of this fine wine may be made with Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Toscana grapes. It has a fruity aroma and its flavour is fresh and tasty, often with an almond aftertaste. The delicate fruit aromas of the young Verdicchio mature in the second year to give vegetal and mineral aromas. The wine continues to evolve even more than 10 years after the harvest. It maintains a light colour with green hints in spite of the passing of the years as would be expected of a great wine.
It can be paired with all types of the cuisine and some fish dishes of the Marche region. It also goes well with white meat in sauces, as long as they are not too greasy, or with mushroom or cheese sauces. It is made with Verdicchio grapes, an autochthonous variety, and is made in the areas around Jesi.

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Discover the attraction Jesi - Cathedral of S. Settimio

Jesi - Cathedral of S. Settimio

The Cathedral was built between the XIII and XIV centuries by Giorgio di Como, probably on the foundations  of a Roman temple in the Roman forum area....

Discover the attraction Jesi - Diocesan Museum

Jesi - Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum of Jesi was founded in 1966 in order to collect, preserve and enhance the vestiges of religious art coming from the territory around the...

Discover the attraction Jesi - Palazzo della Signoria

Jesi - Palazzo della Signoria

Palazzo della Signoria of Jesi (AN) is an impressive example of civil architecture built by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, between 1486 and 1498. The...

Discover the attraction Jesi- The Planettiana Library

Jesi- The Planettiana Library

In 1907 Marquis Bernardo Pianetti gave his famous and rich library, whose origins date back to some centuries ago, to the municipality of Jesi. That’s...

Discover the attraction Jesi - Printing Museum

Jesi - Printing Museum

Located in an ancient monastery, the museum traces the history of printing in Jesi since 1472. It houses printing presses and accessories, examples of rare...

Discover the attraction Jesi- Pergolesi Spontini Festival

Jesi- Pergolesi Spontini Festival

The Pergolesi Spontini Festival is named after the two great composers who were born in the Marche: Giovan Battista Pergolesi (Jesi, 4th January 1710 - Pozzuoli...