Urbino – Festival of the Duke in Urbino


In the beautiful setting of Urbino, UNESCO Heritage Site, since 1982 on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the death of Duke Federico, on the third Sunday of August every year it is held the famous Festival of the Duke. Some hundreds of people take part in this historical re-enactment that every year recalls a different event of the history of the Duchy and the Seigniory of Montefeltro; a commemoration of the Reneissance, which the city is considered the cradle of. The event offers a variety of shows and initiatives including: an opening parade, jugglers and court jesters, musicians, flag weavers, court dances of the '400, Renaissance bagpipes and madrigals, Renaissance magic, medieval tales, starry sky observation with amateur astronomers, themed menus in taverns, visits to the Renaissance gardens, historic market, conferences and even laboratory of archery for adults and children and of shooting with historical slingshot, Renaissance playground for children, guided tours and much more. Not to be missed the shows with weaponry between the Montefeltros and the Malatestas, the "Joust of the Eagles", that is an archery competition,  and the parade of groups of drums followed by a challenge. At the end of the re-enactment is the blessing ceremony of the flags, the award ceremony of the Young Stalwarts of the Game of the Aita  followed by the historic final parade with Renaissance fireworks.


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Discover the attraction Urbino – Orto botanico di Urbino (Botanic Garden of Urbino)

Urbino – Orto botanico di Urbino (Botanic Garden of Urbino)

The Botanic Garden of Urbino was founded in 1809, when one of the three vegetable gardens of the Minor Friars of the St. Francis convent, confiscated and turned...

Discover the attraction Urbino - Raphael’s Native house

Urbino - Raphael’s Native house

Raphael’s native house was built in the 14th century. Raffaello’s father, Giovanni Santi (1435 - 1494) purchased it in 1460.Giovanni Santi himself...

Discover the attraction Urbino- The Albani library

Urbino- The Albani library

In Urbino, Pope Clemens XI belonged to the Albani family. Aiming at the promotion of education and learning among his fellow citizens and university students,...

Discover the attraction Museum of the Laboratory of Physics of the University of Urbino

Museum of the Laboratory of Physics of the University of Urbino

The Museum of the Laboratory of Physics is part of the Laboratory of Phisics, a scientific department of the University of Urbino. it si situated in the...

Discover the attraction Urbino - Marche Film tourism

Urbino - Marche Film tourism

The Mandrake (1965) directed by Alberto Lattuada, starring Totò and Rosanna Schiaffino. Callimaco falls in love with Lucrezia, who is married to the...

Discover the attraction Urbino- Clemente XI in Urbino

Urbino- Clemente XI in Urbino

Giovanni Francesco Albani (Pope Clemente XI) was born in Urbino on 23rd July 1649 from a noble family coming from Albania. He took interest in the...