Urbania - The former "Castel Durante" and its majolica

Formerly known as "Castel Durante", Urbania boasts a long standing tradition in majolica production. Skilled local potters, thanks to the Roveresca court, could work with famous painters, giving life to the genre of Istoriato.
The splendid examples of Durantine pottery dating back to the Middle Ages can be admired in the Civic Museum, housed in the Ducal Palace, and in the Diocesan Museum: there are drawings showing the techniques and the styles of the earthernware, like pump plates, jugs, bowls, amphorae, etc.
The town council ofter organizes educational trips in order to learn ancient techniques; around the town centre there are workshops where pottery, wrought iron and wicker are made.

Urbania - The former "Castel Durante" and its majolica

Piazza della Libertà, 1
Urbania (PU)
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