Tolentino - The leather goods centre

Tolentino is one of Marche's well known centre for leather goods: skilled craftsmen use the most sophisticated leather to make stylish clothing accessories and elegant sofas and armchairs. The area is also popular for linen and hemp working and the traditional weaving loom. In Tolentino worth visiting is the Museum of Ceramics, boasting a remarkable collection offered by Cardinal Giovanni Tacci to to the town concil in 1933, with the obligation to preserve it in the room adjacent to the Basilica of San Nicola. There are ceramics from Deruta, Faenza, Gubbio, Castel Durante, Nove, Bassano, Fabriano, Castles, Savona, Albisola, San Quirico, as well as Chinese and Japanese ceramics. Another tourist attraction in the area is the Museum of Rural Life, housed at the Abbey of Fiastra, with a vast collection of farm tools, kitchen utensils and carpentry items. The most interesting objects are: the old frames, the vats for grape, a wooden plow, a typical Marche's biroccio ("farm cart"), as well as numerous tools used to make ropes and press grapes.

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Discover the attraction Concattedrale di San Catervo

Concattedrale di San Catervo

The Cathedral of San Catervo was built upon the ruins of two former holy buildings. The earliest Panteum was dedicated to St. Catervo, the Roman nobleman to...

Discover the attraction Tolentino - International museum of the Caricature

Tolentino - International museum of the Caricature

It is housed in Palazzo Sangallo, in the main square of Tolentino. It is the only one of the sort in Italy and between the few in the world. In the museum there...

Discover the attraction Tolentino - The Museum of the Basilica of St. Nichoas of Tolentino

Tolentino - The Museum of the Basilica of St. Nichoas of Tolentino

The Museum of the Basilica, that can be reached by staircase, houses numerous paintings and sculptures, precious ceramics, offerings and permanent Nativity...

Discover the attraction Nicola Vaccaj Theatre

Nicola Vaccaj Theatre

The theatre named after Nicola Vaccaj was finished in 1795 but it was only inaugurated in 1797. The approval for the development and the acceptance of the...

Discover the attraction Tolentino - Santa Lucia Thermal Spa

Tolentino - Santa Lucia Thermal Spa

Santa Lucia Spa is located on top of a hill, behind a dense ancient wood. The extensive spa complex includes the Spa Beauty Centre of Santa Lucia and...

Discover the attraction Tolentino - Rancia Castle

Tolentino - Rancia Castle

The impressive and magnificent Rancia castle is 7 km far from the centre of Tolentino. It was rebuilt by Andrea di Como in the 14th century. The castle has a...