Tolentino 815

At the Castello della Rancia (also La Rancia Castle) in Tolentino it takes place a spectacular historical re-enactment of what many historians consider as the first battle fought for the Italian independence, held in Tolentino on 2nd and 3rd May 1815.
200 years later, in the countryside surrounding the old and mighty Castle and in the historical centre of Tolentino, every first weekend in May are reconstructed the events, the protagonists of which were Joachim Murat, King of Naples, and the troops of the Baron Federico Bianchi, two strategists who battled with infantry, cavalry and artillery, over a vast territory.
Over five hundred re-enactors from all over Europe set up camps and tents faithful to those used by the nineteenth-century armies; prowling along, to peek and capture moments of soldiers' everyday life is a unique experience and a real blast from the past.
Also scheduled: the battle and the final parade of the historical groups, a photo contest, conferences, shows, initiatives of study and much more.

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Tolentino - International museum of the Caricature

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Tolentino - The Museum of the Basilica of St. Nichoas of Tolentino

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