The softest Salami: Ciauscolo PGI

The history of the cured meats of the Marche is tied in with the sharecroppers, who would use almost every part of the pig in one way or the other. The animals were fed with great care and were raised on mash and acorns. Careful attention to this aspect is still given today, and is one of the main reasons the meat is of such fine quality. The animals were butchered in winter when food from other farming activities was scarce and the cold temperatures would preserve the meat.
The custom of not wasting any part of the animal and the need to use even thelard in every way possible.
Ciauscolo is particularly popular in the south of the Marche, where it is made by grinding the lard and then mixing it in with the meat to make a smooth paste that can be easily spread onto bread. This process is used especially in the upper Marche and the inland areas around Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, where the percentage of fat tends to be higher. Aside from the technique, which calls for 2 to 3 passages through increasingly small screens, the choice of meat is also very important. It must include the shoulder, ham, belly, loin and, of course, the lard. White wine, garlic and pepper are added after which it is stuffed into its casing.

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