The "maccheroncini" of Campofilone PGI

The “ maccheroncini” of Campofilone, made in the province of Fermo, are unique. They feature on dinner tables and at food fairs the world over and are especially loved because they retain that special artisanal identity.
The recipe and ingredients are simple. All you need is durum wheat and eggs, double the amount usually employed for making normal egg pasta. They differ from other pasta products, being mixed only with chicken eggs, 10 eggs per kilo of durum wheat flour.
The art of making them is handed down by the women, who work the dough by hand or with a wooden spoon. It’s delicious with meat sauce, but also with a seafood sauce. For semolina pasta some artisans use high quality durum wheat. The milling, mixing and production of this product has remained faithful to tradition and the artisanal process in every aspect.
Therefore the “Maccheroncini”of Campofilone distinguish from other pasta products for the thinness of the dough sheets and the finest cut.
These features allow the product a very low cooking time of 1 minute in boiling water or directly in the sauce without necessarily being boiled. On these particular foundations, in the year 2013, the “Maccheroncini” of Campofilone obtain the PGI recognition.
Thanks to its high protein content and the fine organoleptic qualities, semolina pasta, and its particularly intense aroma, are much sought after by the most demanding markets the world over.

For further information:
Pro Loco di Campofilone (tourist office)
Piazza Umberto 1°, 63828 Campofilone ( Fermo) 
tel. +39 0734 917057Fax: +39 0734 917057


The "maccheroncini" of Campofilone PGI

Piazza Umberto I, 2
Campofilone (FM)
+39 0734 932951 +39 0734 931824

OPENING TIME: Opening hours:10.00/12.00 - 15.00/18.00 on Monday, Wednesday,Friday

Recommended for: Family - Business - Food and wine

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