The brewery “Le Fate”

Initially, the brewery “Le Fate” (the Fairies) was born in a small place in the centre of Comunanza, the crowning dream of Mauro and Tonino, that after various and different experiences, began taking their cue from the territory, ( image and product), since it is the same company to grow cereals for the production of its own beer.
Research on taste for our beers comes from an effort to promote the Sibillini Mountains area, and to find out the perfect combination between the local and the international dimension.”
Eight fairies identify eight different beers and eight different tastes, but each with a common aim: mixing the proprieties of fruits from the Sibillini Mountains area with beer’s typically international features.
The brewery “Le Fate” (Fairies) takes its name from an old legend about wizards, warriors and fairies.
According to the tales of Andrea da Barberino and Antoine de la Sale, the fairies lived at the court of the sorceress Sibilla in a dug cave in the rocks of the mountain.
The cave, also called “The Cave of the Fairies” is located close to the “Monte Sibilla” (2150 mt. above sea level).
Each one of our craft beers is named after a fairy, as narrated in the book “Il Guerrin Meschino” (Wretched Guerrin) by Andrea da Barberino.
The story, dating back to the 1400, is that of an errant knight who headed to the cave of the Sibilla to find out about his origins.
The continuous evolution of the Brewery le Fate was inspired by the local products, from the selection of malts and hops, thus finding the right combination of uniqueness and internationalization; not least the limited edition created in collaboration with fish producers of the Valdaso area: Beer saison Hariel.
The company currently produces eight "Fate"(Fairies): LASIBILLA, LALCINA, CARMETA, LADEISI, LUNILIA, PIMPINELLA, NEVERINA and SILESIA; with a potentially four-fold monthly production. But the news is always just around the corner for Mauro and Tonino's friends, which in preview today announce a new line in the process of research and development with a more classic style and a completely new eye-catching layout".
 "In the new company we will make the entire production - the Brewer Massacci said- from  raw materials selection of  our farm, to the brewing process with a new and innovative system, from bottling, up to labelling and storage . In addition, we are setting up a tasting space of our products where we can tell our passion, with the desire to promote and enhance the Sibillini territory. "

The brewery Le Fate remains open despite the earthquake which struck central Italy in 2016.

The brewery “Le Fate”

Contrada Santa Maria
Comunanza (AP)
+39 0736844337

Belongs to: Made in Marche
Recommended for: Family - Business - Young - Food and wine

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