The Italian “Cacciatore” salami PDO

The history of the cured meats of the Marche is tied in with the sharecroppers, who would use almost every part of the pig in one way or the other. The animals were fed with great care and were raised on mash and acorns. Careful attention to this aspect is still given today, and is one of the main reasons
the meat is of such fine quality. The animals were butchered in winter when food from other farming activities was scarce and the cold temperatures would preserve the meat.
The Italian “Cacciatore” salami are produced with lean pork meat, hard pork fat, salt, pepper into pieces and / or minced, garlic.
The hunters of central-northern Italy brought this tasty, handy, nutritious snack( rich in proteins) in their bags during their excursions. Thus the Italian “Cacciatore” Salami were born, better known as "Cacciatori", they are small examples of our delicatessen, now widespread and appreciated throughout the world.

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