Terre di Offida DOC

Situated on the hinterland of the Picene, it is an area which produces DOC (a guarantee of the Denomination of Origin) wines like Rosso Piceno, Rosso Piceno Superiore and Falerio and recently DOC Offida.
There are six version of this wine: Rosso, Pecorino, Passerina, Passerina Passito, Passerina Vin Santo and Passerina Spumante. Offida Pecorino and Passerina are made in 22 areas, l’Offida Rosso in 17; Vin Santo is limited to the area of Offida and Ripatransone. To make Offida Rosso they use Montepulciano grapes for at least 50% and Cabernet Sauvignon for no less than 30%. For Offida Pecorino they use Pecorino grapes for at least 85%, to which other non-aromatic white grapes may be added up to a maximum of 15%. Offida Bianco Passerina can be made traditionally, as can the Spumante, Passito and Vin Santo versions.
They must contain at least 85% of Passerina grapes, to which all other non-aromatic authorized white grapes from the Province of Ascoli Piceno may be added up to a maximum of 15%. Offida Rosso pairs well with regional dishes, from vincisgrassi lasagna to stuffed pigeon, game and red meats.
Offida Pecorino is best drunk young to savour with seafood and crustaceans. Fish dishes and vegetable soup go well with Offida Passerina, while the Passito is wonderful paired with seasoned cheeses and dry baked sweets.
The production zone of Terre di Offida wines includes 22 areas of the province of Ascoli Piceno, between the Aso and Tronto rivers.
The town ties its own historical and cultural roots to the wine, benefiting a strategic position between sea and mountains. It is not only a place of great interest because it has a complete view of oenological production of the Piceno and the region, but the wine cellar evidences too the ancient tradition of the wine making process in Offida and the area, tradition which during the centuries has become an important element in the agricultural economy of the area. In the area there have been many wine producing farms, that have in the last few years, have confirmed their products in the highest positions of the national and international markets.
An important event for the art of wine making was the opening of a Regional Wine Cellar in 1999 in the leading halls of the ex Convent of St. Francesco.

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