Sogliano cave-aged cheese PDO

In some of the areas of the Marche region they make Sogliano cave-aged cheese (formaggio di fossa), a very old, traditional cheese which was born from the wisdom of farmers in the north of the region. The Formaggio di Fossa (pit-aged cheese) is a typical product of the area between the Rubicone and the Marecchia valleys (between Emilia Romagna and Marche) obtained by the fermentation of the cheese matured in pits.
The old production method is still in use today and dates back to when the precious foodstuff needed to be protected from marauding soldiers. The cheese was placed in cloth bags and put into tuff caves that were then closed with wooden covers and sealed with plaster. When the caves were finally opened in November (but never before three months had gone by), the Casciottas were drastically transformed. They had taken on a golden hue not unlike amber and an intense aroma bearing vague hints of Sulphur and truffles, a characteristic which makes them unmistakable.
This kind of cheese, characterized by unique taste and fragrance, is the protagonist of the fair during which, after the pits opening, visitors will have the opportunity to buy and taste typical local products and to enjoy shows, music and exhibitions.

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