Serra Sant'Abbondio - Palio della Rocca


The Palio della Rocca (Palio of the Fortress) takes place on the weekend before 16th September, on the day of the Patron Saint Sant'Abbondio, representing on one side research and an historical re-enactment, and on the other a competition among the three castles and the three towns vying for the Palio della Rocca, depicting the image of Sant'Abbondio. The historical event commemorates a significant time in the past of Serra Sant'Abbondio: the building of fortress Sant'Habundi (1476-1486) by the military architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini. On Friday and Saturday evening and on Sunday, among the programmed shows: parades, music, street theater, juggling, pyrotechnic shows and, at the taverns, typical dishes and local wines can be tasted. Highlight of the event is the Dispute of the Palio, with the involving and exciting Race of the Geese which is held on Sunday afternoon and in which each Castle competes along the city centre with its Ocari (Gooseman) and geese of white race. The event concludes on 16th September with the Fair of Sant'Abbondio in the morning and later with the Dinner of the Peace with which all hostilities related to the Dispute of the Palio come to an end.


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