Sarnano - The collection of arms and metals


In Sarnano's historic centre you can't miss Santa Chiara complex, now home of the Art Gallery and the Museum building, where the upper floors houses the Museum of Arms, avifauna, the Hammers and the local painter collection of Modern Art Mariano Gavasci.
The Museum of Arms, was established by the Municipality of Sarnano 25 February 1987 following the acquisition of a first group (460 pieces) of the collection of the local list collects Mario Arra, subsequently increased in 1993 with 57 other specimens of the same collection and in 1995 with 323 other weapons designed to charge to the Museum by the Ministry of heritage and Culture. The design of the museum aims to show the evolution of weapons from a technical perspective, history, art and encompasses military and civilian units, weapons used in the exercise of hunting, weapons of various length and historical epoch.
The Museo dei Martelli, is the collection of Sergio Masini, donated to the City of Sarnano in 1993 by the Masini family. This collection includes more than 500 pieces, from over 40 countries on five-containing and representative of more than 100 trades. Among the oldest objects, you should remember a bat-at-arms of the sixteenth century, an Ottoman flail to twenty-eight bits of the eighteenth century and nineteenth century an English hammer in rock crystal and agate that was used to print on the wax.


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