Sarnano - Castrum Sarnani


Castrum Sarnani stems from the desire to bring back the ancient village to its original charm through the culture, tastes and emotions that have characterized the Middle Ages.

A real step back in time awaits visitors and tourists, which can walk along the historical centre of Sarnano accompanied by jesters, dancers, knights and ladies. The squares and the streets are revived by dance shows and fire eaters, battles of ancient fencing, animation with stilts and juggling. Even today, the upper side of the village preserves the story of a fascinating Middle Ages and the proposed route, from the loggia of  Via Roma to the majestic Palazzo del Popolo, offering the chance to relive closely the charm of that era.

The tasting of typical dishes prepared by medieval inns and taverns, which serve the guest according to the customs of those centuries, contribute to an even more magical and charming atmosphere. The visitor becomes an  inhabitant of this medieval village also through the conversion of the Euro  with an ancient coin  minted especially for the occasion, the changing of its own dress for an handcrafted period costume and finally for walking through the route of the ancient works. A unique holiday in a place with the flavor of the past. "Castrum Sarnani - The Middle Ages... is back" stems from the "Palio del Serafino", one of the most ancient historical re-enactments of The Marche represented  for the first time in 1965 on the occasion of the seven hundredth anniversary of the recognition of the municipality of Sarnano, dated 1265.


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Discover the attraction Sarnano - St. Mary of the Assumption Church

Sarnano - St. Mary of the Assumption Church

In the 13th-century church dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption, there is the chapel painted by Lorenzo d’Alessandro, which represents the Madonna...

Discover the attraction Sarnano - Sarnano thermal spa

Sarnano - Sarnano thermal spa

The highly effective mineral waters of the springs of St. James and the Three Saints and Sulfuree Terro, Sassetto and Borghetti, have amply demonstrated to...

Discover the attraction Sarnano- The Convent of Roccabruna

Sarnano- The Convent of Roccabruna

Near Pian di Pica, by Sarnano, in the loneliness of a vast plain, is an old farmhouse now private property, incorporating a small convent and a chapel with a...

Discover the attraction Sarnano - Abbey of St. Maria and St, Biagio

Sarnano - Abbey of St. Maria and St, Biagio

The Abbey of Santa Maria and San Biagio, originally known as Santa Maria between the streams ( "inter rivoira"), since it is located between the Tenna and...

Discover the attraction San Ginesio – Hermitage of San Liberato

San Ginesio – Hermitage of San Liberato

San Liberato was born between 1215 and 1218 in Loro Piceno (Macerata), from a noble and wealthy family: the Brunforte. At the age of 18, just like another great...

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Gualdo - Battaglioni stone Mill

Arcangelo Battaglioni, born in Penne, fought as a private on the western front during World War I. in the surroundings of his barracks he noticed some stone...