Sant'Angelo in Vado - National Precious White Truffle Fair in Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant`Angelo in Vado “celebrates” the White truffle, symbol and pride of this land, with the National Precious White Truffle Fair  Celebrations will take place during four weekends with a different theme: the first with local typical products , the second with the Motorcycle meeting, the third with the Golden Truffle Award and activities for families and, finally, the fourth with a products fair.
The National Festival of Truffle is an event that allows to enhance excellence of a territory that doesn`t finish at the borders of Sant`Angelo in Vado municipality but includes a lot larger territory known as Massa Trabaria. Sant`Angelo in Vado was the capital of this area during medieval times. This event helps to bring to our land a tourist who is looking for the places which have still to be discovered since this is a land which boasts an unpolluted nature as well as ancient traditions both on a historical and gastronomical level. Massa Trabaria is a land able to offer hospitality and welcome. It is a land that always has distinguished itself by politeness and wellbeing.
The festival wants to welcome the visitor in the best way making him a protagonist of a trip which is the legend and true story of truffle. This precious ipogeo mushroom that has inspired great artists and still encourages the best chefs of the world concentrating on this precious under-earth product.
During the weekends from Saturday afternoon till Sunday there will be truffle sellers` stands, exhibitors of typical products and craftsmen.
Specially for this event there will be opened places where to try different delicious things and small restaurants located in typical taverns of ancient buildings where you will have the chance to taste White Truffle dishes.
During all the event it will be possible to visit these architectural and artistic treasures being the settings of Sant`Angelo in Vado and the buildings will become a seat of art festival.

Sant'Angelo in Vado - National Precious White Truffle Fair in Sant'Angelo in Vado

Sant'Angelo in Vado (PU)
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Recommended for: Food and wine

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