Ripatransone - The Horse of Fire


One of the folk events of great historical appeal is “the Horse of Fire”, in the town of Ripatransone: an historical re-enactment which dates back to May 1682, when in honor of Our Lady of San Giovanni, a “firework man” from Atri crossed several times the square with a horse, burning out  fireworks in all directions. The Horse of Fire, an event unique in its kind in Italy, has established itself in history as the symbol of an ancient tradition that has remained unchanged over the centuries. Ripatransone, also known as “il Belvedere del Piceno” (area of Ascoli Piceno), has an unequalled panoramic views stretching from the Gran Sasso to the Sibillini Mountains, from the Mount Conero to the Gargano promontory, to the Dalmatian coast. Its numerous museums and collections form a unique museum complex which also counts of a Municipal Library, an Archaeological Museum and an Art Gallery with works by Crivelli and Fazzini. Given its location in the upper hills and just 12 km from the Adriatic Sea, this town awarded the Orange Flag (by the Italian Touring Club) is well suited to holiday at any season, be it summer or also autumn and spring ones. 


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Ripatransone - "C. Cellini" Archaeological Civic Museum

The Archaeological Civic Museum of Ripatransone was set up in 1877 by the priest Cesare Cellini that gave to the town its private collection. After him many...

Discover the attraction Ripatransone - Luigi Mercantini Theatre

Ripatransone - Luigi Mercantini Theatre

The Mercantini Theatre was designed by Pietro Maggi of Ticino in 1790, and it is located inside the Podestà Palace. Maggi was a designer from Val di...

Discover the attraction Ripatransone - The Church of San Filippo Neri

Ripatransone - The Church of San Filippo Neri

The Church of San Filippo Neri and the Immaculate Conception was designed by Francesco Massari between 1680 and 1722 and finished by Lucio Bonomi. The interior,...

Discover the attraction Ripatransone - Municipal Picture-gallery - Bonomi Gera Palace

Ripatransone - Municipal Picture-gallery - Bonomi Gera Palace

Collections kept in the Bonomi Gera Palace form the original core of the first Civic Museum of Ripatransone dating from 1877. Afterwards the Civic Museum...

Discover the attraction Ripatransone - RIPAdventure

Ripatransone - RIPAdventure

The Quercus Park "la Selva dei Frati" is an Acrobatic Forest Park just outside the ancient walls of Ripatransone, at the town entrance, just across the Teatro...

Discover the attraction Ripatransone - Motocross track San Savino

Ripatransone - Motocross track San Savino

The Motocross race track San Savino is run by the Moto Club San Savino and is located between two hills. The track is of medium difficulty. You can race...