Recanati - Market of Porto Recanati

Weekly market with street vendors.


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Discover the attraction Recanati - Museum Collaredo Mels

Recanati - Museum Collaredo Mels

Of medieval, the building became the Palace towards the end of the sixteenth and following centuries until it was modified into its present age 'neoclassical....

Discover the attraction Recanati - Cathedral of S. Flaviano

Recanati - Cathedral of S. Flaviano

From the original church devoted to S. Flaviano and elevated to the status of Cathedral in 1240, then built over a previous sacred structure, today only very...

Discover the attraction Recanati - Church of S. Filippo

Recanati - Church of S. Filippo

The first construction, started in 1665, was soon followed in 1722 by a second that saw the demolition of the first building and the creation of a second church...

Discover the attraction Recanati: The Benedettucci  Library

Recanati: The Benedettucci Library

The Public Library of Recanati was opened on 20th October 1959. The establishment of municipal councils after the war was at the origin of the creation of the...

Discover the attraction Church of San Domenico

Church of San Domenico

Church of San Domenico (15th century), with a 1481 portal by Giuliano da Maiano. It houses the Glory of St. Vincent Ferrer by Lorenzo Lotto.

Discover the attraction Recanati - Marche Film tourism

Recanati - Marche Film tourism

Leopardi (2014) directed by Mario Mantone, starring Elio Germano and Michele Riondino.Giacomo Leopardi, a bright boy, lives with his family in his...