Pollenza - The Antiques and the collection of pottery

Pollenza is famous for antique furniture restoration and, as well as many workshops outside the walls, there are several shops here to browse around.
It also boasts a long standing tradition in painting restoration. Ancient techniques and original materials, such as nails or handles, are used to make masterpieces. A long time ago there were also different pottery workshops.  
The Civic Museum of Palazzo Cento, a former sixteenth century manor house, now houses an art gallery, which collects different archaeological findings, like some ceramics, manufactured in Pollenza between 1810 and 1905, vintage pieces of furniture and crucifixes.
In July Pollenza hosts the Antiques Market, which welcomes thousands of visitors: there are numerous shops, antique dealers, collectors, as well as music events and entertainment.

Pollenza - The Antiques and the collection of pottery

Piazza della Libertà, 16
Pollenza (MC)
+39 0733548706 0733.548704

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