Offida Pecorino DOCG

Red , Pecorino and Passerina: these are the three wines included under the Offida controlled and guaranteed designation of origin. They are the expression of a terroir which best exemplifies the potential of autochthonous varietals like Pecorino and Passerina. Offida Pecorino wine is made with at least 85% of the eponymous grape, and other non-aromatic white grapes grown in the Marche may be blended in. Offida Passerina must have at least 85% Passerina
grapes, while the remaining 15% may consist of other varieties, as long as they are non-aromatic and grown in the region. Offida Red is made of Montepulciano grapes with no more than 15% of other non-aromatic local grapes added in. Pecorino has a pleasant acidity, is straw yellow with a tinge of
green, its aroma is characteristic and pleasing with hints of white flowers, pineapple, anise and sage. It has a distinct and dry flavour, it’s tasty and fresh
with a lingering aftertaste. Offida Passerina is straw yellow with tinges of gold and has a lovely bouquet of yellow fruit pulp and hints of citrus. Its flavour is
dry, typical, characteristic and fresh. Offida Rosso must be aged for 24 months, 12 of which in wooden casks, and then in the bottle. It has a ruby red colour which turns darker with age. It has a complex and somewhat ethereal aroma with touches of red fruit, liquorice and chocolate, while its flavour is dry, well balanced, typical, soft yet generous. The Offida wines bearing the guaranteed and controlled designation of origin seal are made in the southern regions of the Marche, in an area between the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo.

An important event for the art of wine making was the opening of a Regional Wine Cellar in 1999 in the leading halls of the ex Convent of St. Francesco in Offida.

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Discover the attraction Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Originally, the theatre was located inside the town hall Palace it does not have its own facade, but the entrance is set under the town-hall Palace portico....

Discover the attraction Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Today, the archaeological museum "G. Allevi" is located inside the nineteenth-century De Castellotti - Pagnanelli building that has been hosted, since 1998, the...

Discover the attraction Offida - Church of St. Maria della Rocca

Offida - Church of St. Maria della Rocca

You rises on a precipice; I become' possession of the Benedictine monks around 1047 was partially demolished then when the monks thought about building the...

Discover the attraction Castel di Lama – Giardini di Villa Seghetti Panichi (Villa Seghetti Panichi Gardens)

Castel di Lama – Giardini di Villa Seghetti Panichi (Villa Seghetti Panichi Gardens)

The complex, also known as “Villa Odoardi Seghetti”, raises close to Castel di Lama upon the hill crest which, in the low Tronto valley, is oriented...

Discover the attraction Civic Picture Gallrty and Archeological Museum

Civic Picture Gallrty and Archeological Museum

The paintings to be found inside this picture gallery include works from the XV to XX century.  Some of the rooms are assigned to the towns which make up...

Discover the attraction The Diocesan Sistino Museum

The Diocesan Sistino Museum

Recently, the diocese of San Benedetto del Tronto, Ripatransone and Montalto realised this inter-municipality Diocesan Sistino Museum to emphasis and protect...