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The Historic Carnival of Offida covers the lapse of time between 17th January and the first day of Lent and is characterized by a triumph of traditions that make the event of this village, that is part of the Club of The most Beautiful Villages of Italy, a uniqueexperience. The Carnival of Offida, which origins date back to the mid-eighteenth Century, is featured by some very exciting moments such as the representation of the hunting of "lu bov fint" on the first Friday of Carnival, in which a shape of an ox being led by men covered with a white cloth with red stripes, called "lu guazzarò" and dating back to the tradition of rural work, runs through the streets of the village. Now an equally important and rich tradition is the procession of the "Vlurd" which takes place on the evening of Shrove Tuesday when long fiery bundles of reeds are taken along the streets and thrown in the square for the final bonfire symbol of the end of Carnival and the beginning of Lent. Characteristic is also the “Veglionissimi” which take place in the splendid setting of the Serpente Aureo Theatre (Golden Snake Theatre). A fundamental role is played by the Congreghe (congregations), typical masked groups that, to the sound of their brass-bands, give birth to propitiatory farces mostly focused on the themes of virility and fertility. For the occasion, tourists and people from neighboring villages come to Offida not to be spectator of parades of great floats but to be involved in a true celebration of the people where, laying aside any rule or social convention, it is a must to have fun playing as actors of symbolic representations of great value in force and instinct.

Being linked to the traditions of Ascoli Piceno, Castignano and Pozza-Umito, the Carnival of Offida represents one of the most important events of the year in the entire Piceno territory.

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Discover the attraction Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Originally, the theatre was located inside the town hall Palace it does not have its own facade, but the entrance is set under the town-hall Palace portico....

Discover the attraction Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

Today, the archaeological museum "G. Allevi" is located inside the nineteenth-century De Castellotti - Pagnanelli building that has been hosted, since 1998, the...

Discover the attraction Offida - Church of St. Maria della Rocca

Offida - Church of St. Maria della Rocca

You rises on a precipice; I become' possession of the Benedictine monks around 1047 was partially demolished then when the monks thought about building the...

Discover the attraction Castel di Lama – Giardini di Villa Seghetti Panichi (Villa Seghetti Panichi Gardens)

Castel di Lama – Giardini di Villa Seghetti Panichi (Villa Seghetti Panichi Gardens)

The complex, also known as “Villa Odoardi Seghetti”, raises close to Castel di Lama upon the hill crest which, in the low Tronto valley, is oriented...

Discover the attraction Civic Picture Gallrty and Archeological Museum

Civic Picture Gallrty and Archeological Museum

The paintings to be found inside this picture gallery include works from the XV to XX century.  Some of the rooms are assigned to the towns which make up...

Discover the attraction The Diocesan Sistino Museum

The Diocesan Sistino Museum

Recently, the diocese of San Benedetto del Tronto, Ripatransone and Montalto realised this inter-municipality Diocesan Sistino Museum to emphasis and protect...