Offagna - Medieval Festival of Offagna

Offagna, one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" and an Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, is set among the green hills and the blue of the Adriatic Sea. Since 1988, on the last week of July with its Medieval Festival, this enchanting place undergoes a transformation and for eight nights the atmosphere of the past comes to life in its streets, squares and alleys when, lit by just torchlights, the medieval village life is cheered up by warriors, artisans, merchants, minstrels, fortune-tellers , musicians, peasants, jesters and street performers such as jugglers and fire eaters, this all interspersed with performances, exhibitions and conferences, dance and aerial fabric dance, puppets, hawks in flight and games, archery, performances with weapons, shows and magic shows and finally conferences and concerts.
The medieval atmosphere is also fully created by the historical procession, the offer of the Cero and the blessing of the Palio: a glimpse of medieval life in Offagna is offered by the two hundred figures dressed in period costumes and inspired by Marche authors’ paintings, and accompanied by the Flag-Wavers and the Drums Group of Offagna. All Rioni (Districts) give particular importance to the reconstitution of courteous groups: nobles, knights and ladies, with emphasis on female beauty and its scenic placement and choreography within the parade.
The Disfida in Arme (a challenge with weapons) between the city districts leads to a real armed contest called " Contesa della Crescia" (Contest of Crescia), as established with the Statuti Osimani "... ch’ogn’anno almeno una volta ciascun castello dil suo contà infrascritto nel dì di festa principale del luogo faccia trarre al versaglio co le balestre” on 29th June 1485, year of the first festivities.
After the Contest, a tribute is offered to the winner Rione with the public and inhabitants of the village involved in dance, music and animation and with a sumptuous banquet at which noble medieval dishes can be tasted while, between one courses and the other, musicians, actors and performers entertain diners with their performances.

Offagna - Medieval Festival of Offagna

Piazza del Maniero, 17
Offagna (AN)

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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