The “Mortadella Bologna” PGI is a cold cut product made with pure pork meat, finely chopped, mixed with lard, lightly flavored with spices, stuffed and baked. The product is marketed as "Mortadella Bologna" PGI. It is sold whole, in pieces or slices, unpackaged, vacuum-packed or in modified atmosphere packaging. The full and balanced flavour of "Mortadella Bologna" PGI is the result of the use of prime pork cuts, including the fatty parts: in fact, only gullet fat is selected, the most prestigious adipose tissue, which gives the product a sweeter flavour.
Following this recognition, only the “Mortadella Bologna” can boast the PGI mark trade, while all other products not covering the rules of this disciplinary, can be sold as a common “mortadella” and cannot use the “Bologna” name or the heading PGI on the sold products.

Consorzio di Tutela della Mortadella di Bologna 
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20089 Rozzano – Milano
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The Attractions of Visso

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Discover the attraction Visso: The Great Mountain Bike Loop

Visso: The Great Mountain Bike Loop

Length: 160 kilometres long (99 miles). The Grande Anello (Big Loop) of the Sibillini mountains is a 160 km circular route which, with 9 stages, crosses the...

Discover the attraction Monti Sibillini - Marche Film tourism

Monti Sibillini - Marche Film tourism

Serafino (1968) directed by Pietro Germi, starring Adriano Celentano and Francesca Romana Coluzzi. Serafino is a shepard who takes care of his aunt and...

Discover the attraction Visso - Church of the Collegiate of S. Maria

Visso - Church of the Collegiate of S. Maria

In the main square stands the Romanesque-gothic mass of the Collegiate of S. Maria, raised over an earlier small Pieve. The first church was built in 1143 with...

Discover the attraction National Park of Sibillini Mountains

National Park of Sibillini Mountains

The National Park of Sibillini Mountains covers an area of 70.000 hectares of protected land. It was established in 1993; the towns included in the park are...

Discover the attraction Ussita - Monte Torrone

Ussita - Monte Torrone

By getting to Mount Torrone, we enter the Ussita municipality territory. The origin of the name, which the town shares with the creek flowing into its valley,...

Discover the attraction Ice Palace in Ussita

Ice Palace in Ussita

Ussita is one of the few ski resorts in central Italy, in the Sibillini National Park, with a ice palace which is located in a valley on the road to Frontignano...