Montappone - The straw hat

Montappone, a small medieval town, is well known for the production of handmade straw hat. The Hat Museum documents all stages of straw processing. The last step concerns straw pressing, giving the hat the final shape. In the museum there are photographs, panels and original machinery.
Montappone hosts "The Straw Hat" in July: it's an event that promotes this ancient craft. There are more than two hundred hat makers who show visitors how to make a straw hat. The economy of this little town is based not only on the production of straw hats, but also of handbags made of shavings, rush and other materials. Pottery is popular too. 


Montappone - The straw hat

Borgo XX Settembre, 1
Montappone (FM)
+39 0734761333 0734.760709

Belongs to: Skilful hands
Recommended for: Culture

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