Mondavio – “Caccia al Cinghiale” (Hunt to the Wild Boar)

Every year in Mondavio, from 12th to 15th August, it is held the "Caccia al Cinghiale" (Hunt to the Wild Boar); squares, courtyards and gardens become stages for the representation of moments of theater and fragments of the historical Hunt to the Wild Boar which animate the ancient Mons Avium (Mondavio), giving it back to the splendors of the Renaissance. The festival commemorates the arrival of Giovanni della Rovere in Mondavio for taking possession of the Vicariate, a gift from Pope Sixtus IV on the occasion of his marriage to Giovanna Feltria, daughter of Federico da Montefeltro: an historical fact that has also characterized the urban planning, culture and the social, political, religious, military and economic organization of the entire Cesano Valley.
To enrich this all is the presence of archers and crossbowmen -a reminder of the Feltria Brigade, a military company at the service of the commanders Federico da Montefeltro and Giovanni della Rovere-, the medieval banquet, the flavours of past times enjoyed in the taverns, the Garden of the courtier, the Bivouac, the parade, the shooting competitions with bow and crossbow, the games with flag, with tapes and even actors, dancers, street performers, music of the past and the presence of the well-known in Italy and abroad "Group of Archers, historical Crossbowmen and Roveresca Court" with participants (archers, crossbowmen, swordsmen, soldiers, standard-bearers, courtiers, maidservants, drummers, trumpeters and other walk-on) wearing sumptuous costumes of the Italian Renaissance.
Here are some of the shows performed: demonstration of throws with the historical arc of precision and control, with skills competitions and elimination; precision shooting with crossbow; demonstration of war banners as signals in combat; simulation of duels with swords and club-like weapons; game between courtiers; greeting of the Group, with choreography of fireworks; a proposal of entertainment and games that were usually held in the Renaissance Courts.

Mondavio – “Caccia al Cinghiale” (Hunt to the Wild Boar)

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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