Mogliano - Mogliano 1744

Mogliano 1744 is a unique event that takes place every year on the anniversary of the Patron Saint of Mogliano, St. John the Baptist. Through it the splendour of the 18th C. in Mogliano is evoqued, that's to say when at the passage of the Austrian troops in Naples the town gave such a sign of hospitality that Maria Theresa of Austria, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary, elevated Mogliano to the rank of city.
This historical re-enactment plunges the spectator in the past time for four days, with the atmosphere of the time recreated thanks to the splendour of the historical clothing and the transformation of the historic centre in a real life glimpse of the 18th C., with vintage taverns, ancient crafts, street performers, dances and the presentation of the teams of the five districts followed by a reading of the challenge. The climax of the event is on the last day, with a ceremony involving "Queen Maria Theresa of Austria", a sumptuous procession and, at night, a race with the flags and fireworks over the city.

Mogliano - Mogliano 1744

Via Roma, 54
Mogliano (MC)
+39 0733 557 771 +39 0733 557 319

OPENING TIME: Nella ricorrenza del Patrono San Giovanni Battista (fine giugno - inizio luglio)

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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