Medievalia - Palio of San Ginesio and Palio of the Pacca

In San Ginesio, in the days preceding mid-August (Ferragosto), it is every year renewed the rich week of Medievalia with days of medieval games, music and taverns but also of Medieval culture and a focus on history.
Within this week rich in events, the Palio of San Ginesio is disputed and awarded since 1970; initially its two dexterity tournaments were held simultaneously on 15th August but later the Palio of the Pacca was disputed on 13th August at night and the Ring Tournament on 15th August, so covering the entire week of San Ginesio Feast.
Both competitions are carried out by knights the horses of which are decided by lot and paired among those of the four Districts, and blessed before races. Later, all knights receive the color of the represented door and for the entire duration of the races they are well kept in evidence.
Medievalia begins with the Battle of the Fornarina, a suggestive re-enactment recalling the battle of 3rd November 1377 when, in the night, a Fornarina (a lady of the village) succeeded in foiling the attack to the castle of San Ginesio by troops of Fermo.
The four Districts compete in past time races such as: crossbow, archery, the race to the sword and the ring joust. Four knights, each representing one of the four Districts of San Ginesio (Porta Alvaneto, Porta Ascarana, Porta Offuna and Porta Picena), vie for the "pacca", meaning a half pig, which is the trophy won by the knight able to hit with a spear the shield of the Saracen. The pacca is eaten by the winning Contrada in the course of the festivities.
On 15th August is the "Joust of the Ring", the Palio of which is won after a complex celebration that begins in the morning and ends in the evening. Also take part to this event 200 people dressed in late-medieval costumes, faithfully reconstructed in the tissues, in dyeing and in shape.
Seminars, lectures, guided tours, theme dinners and much more enrich the event.

Medievalia - Palio of San Ginesio and Palio of the Pacca

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San Ginesio (MC)
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Recommended for: Family - Culture

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