Macerata – The Carnival of Macerata


The Carnival of Macerata (Carnevale Maceratese) originated in 1990 with a first parade of floats and masked groups in Piediripa of Macerata. Five years later, given the huge audience, the route of the parade was lengthened becoming the wonderful event which now brings together families, groups of children, school friends or even entire schools. Every year a Godmother is hosted (including excellences of the small and the big screen) to bring prestige to the event. Many are the subjects that take part in the Carnival: floats, masked groups, a wagon throwing confetti, candies and offering local food and wine, music bands, majorettes, historical standard bearers and musicians as well as infioratori (people working with flowers) that realize, along the way, pictures  concerning the Carnival. The group of “La Pasquella”, with its characteristic songs, collects money for charity. At the end of the parade, they are awarded the best floats.



The Attractions of Macerata

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Macerata things to Watch

Discover the attraction Macerata- The Civic Tower

Macerata- The Civic Tower

The Civic Tower is 64 metres high and is one of the symbols of Macerata. It’s also one of the best preserved works of art of this type in the Marche. From...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

The commission to design the present theatre in Macerata was given in 1769 to the Cosimo Morelli, and he managed to adapt Bibiena’s design to the...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Church of San Filippo

Macerata - Church of San Filippo

fter the canonisation of Saint Philip Neri in 1624, the Oratorians, already present in Macerata from 1611, decided to erect a building dedicated to the founder...

Discover the attraction Macerata - The Sferisterio

Macerata - The Sferisterio

Designed in Neoclassical style by Ireneo Aleandri, the Sferisterio is an open air stadium erected by private subscription in the 1820's originally built as a...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Civic Museums of Buonaccorsi Palace

Macerata - Civic Museums of Buonaccorsi Palace

The rooms dedicated to the ancient art was inaugurated in 2014 on the main floor of Buonaccorsi Palace. The building by the Buonaccorsi family also hosts the...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Buonaccorsi Palace “Aeneid Hall”

Macerata - Buonaccorsi Palace “Aeneid Hall”

In the heart of the city there is the XVIII century Palace built by the Buonaccorsi family, nowadays a property of the municipality, which hosts some art...