Macerata - Market of Macerata

Weekly market with street vendors.


The Attractions of Macerata

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Macerata things to Watch

Discover the attraction Macerata - Sanctuary of Mercy

Macerata - Sanctuary of Mercy

The Santuario della Misericordia was constructed on a votive shrine in the 15th century. The changes were so controversial that Guarniero...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Cathedral of Saint Julian

Macerata - Cathedral of Saint Julian

The modern cathedral of Saint Julian was designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli and it was built between 1459 and 1464. In the incomplete façade there...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Buonaccorsi Palace “Aeneid Hall”

Macerata - Buonaccorsi Palace “Aeneid Hall”

In the heart of the city there is the XVIII century Palace built by the Buonaccorsi family, nowadays a property of the municipality, which hosts some art...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Civic Museums of Buonaccorsi Palace

Macerata - Civic Museums of Buonaccorsi Palace

The rooms dedicated to the ancient art was inaugurated in 2014 on the main floor of Buonaccorsi Palace. The building by the Buonaccorsi family also hosts the...

Discover the attraction Sferisterio Arena

Sferisterio Arena

Built between 1820 and 1829 on behalf of the wealthiest citizens of Macerata, “I Cento consorti”, as the façade inscription displays, the...

Discover the attraction Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

The commission to design the present theatre in Macerata was given in 1769 to the Cosimo Morelli, and he managed to adapt Bibiena’s design to the...