Jesi - Mechanized Nativity

A nice mechanized Nativity is set up in Jesi's Parish of Divine Love. In 1979 some keen guys created this masterpiece, that has become richer and richer over the years.
What  makes it special is the Nativity scene presented in the typical Marche's environment of the early '900. The choice of the setting was not random: actually the area on which stands the parish of "Our Lady of Divine Love"  is situated near Via Roma, that in the early '900 housed countless workshops and even the first small but important industries of the area, such as the furnace, the paper mill and the spinning mill,  fed with the natural energy of the Vallato channel. In the Nativity  some typical sites of the Marche region, such as Mount San Vicino, the wonderful Frasassi caves and the Shrine of Loreto are represented. This is the reason why this Nativity has also been defined "The Nativity of the Marches".

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