Italian Style mixed fried food

“Fritto Misto all’Italiana” (Italian Style mixed fried food) is a gastronomic festival that, every year, presents in Ascoli Piceno the best Italian and foreign fried food produced by an exceptional team of cooks in the large kitchen of “Palafritto”, which is an irreplaceable symbol of the event and place of worship for thousands of food enthusiasts. The event offers the public of gourmands many events dedicated to the large #destinationmarche – 2016 - Marche Region major events kitchen, the typical food and, above all, quality. The background is the beautiful city of Ascoli Piceno. One of the most remarkable beauties of the city of the Marche Region is Piazza del Popolo, with its exceptional architectural harmony, onto which the Church of San Francesco, the Palace of the Captains of the People, medieval houses and arcades overlook. Other important monuments: Palazzo dell'Arringo, seat of the Civic Art Gallery, (which houses works by Crivelli, Guido Reni, Titian) the Cathedral of St. Emidio, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the Episcopal Palace with the Diocesan Museum which features a beautiful Madonna di Poggio Bretta by Crivelli.

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Discover the attraction Ascoli Piceno - Marche Film tourism

Ascoli Piceno - Marche Film tourism

Alfredo, Alfredo (1972) directed by Pietro Germi, starring Dustin Hoffman and Stefania Sandrelli. Alfredo is a shy bank employee, who finally gets married to...

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Ascoli Piceno - Franciscan Route of "Marca"

It's a spiritual, cultural and tourist route (167 km) with eight stop overs involving 2 regions (the Marches and Umbria), 4 provinces (Perugia, Macerata, Fermo...

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Ascoli Piceno - People's Square

The City is embraced by two rivers - Castellano and Tronto - and it is dominated by the stunning "Piazza del Popolo" (literally People's Square, to...

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Caffé Meletti

Institution and parlor of the "ideas”, it has been the seat of the "Senato" for years , the city notables association. Rare expression of Liberty style in...

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Ascoli Piceno - Arengo Palace –Civic Art Gallery

While walking on the marble floors of Arengo Palace, under brilliant Murano chandeliers, surrounded by precious red and gold velvet courtains and by a valuable...

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Ascoli Piceno - "Piazza Arringo"

The City of Ascoli Piceno does praise an additional centre of civic aggregation, "Piazza Arringo", the Arringo Square, which takes its name from the public...