IME Experience - Istituto Marchigiano di Enogastronomia (The Institute of Oenology and Gastronomy of the Marche Region)


“IME Experience” is located into an exceptional frame in the very heart of Marche, in Jesi, in the rooms previously occupied by the Regional Wine House inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Balleani Vecchio, close to Palazzo Battaglia, within the old city ramparts in Via Conti. It is easy to get to both buildings by means of an escalator, by Porta Garibaldi and the ancient Mercato delle Erbe (Market of vegetables).

At IME the best of Marche Region’s enogastronomic products are available. It is a multi-purpose and multimedia centre where a real “sensorial experience” in the field of tastes and flavours can be enjoyed, with 32 products bearing the DOP, IGP, BIO, STG, QM labels, Slow Food posts representing the whole Region, and no less than 40 wine labels. 

“IME Experience” involves all of the 5 senses: one can watch, and gather information from monitors and touch screens, as well as taste quality-certified food, smell the perfume of our excellent wines, listen to tales concerning history and peculiarities of our specialities, and even touch the products available in the shop, as if in a real interactive agroindustrial museum.

A didactic and experiential path, covering 10 exhibition and multimedia sections, helps discovering history, peculiarities and secrets of  oenology and gastronomy in the Marche Region, in a place where tourists may move from in order to start gathering information about the territory. It helps organizing a cultural, artistic and gastronomic tour of Marche, and learning what may be found, and where, in every corner of our Region.

The project was put in place with the contribution of regional funding. It is managed by the Istituto Italiano di Enogastronomia (Italian Institute of Oenology and Gastronomy), a company owned 95% by Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini (Marche Institute for the Protection of Wines) and 5% by the City Council of Jesi. Unique in its field, it is meant to promote the best products of the region and involves 14 producers and entities:TreValliCooperlat, Consorzio Vini Piceni, BovinMarche, Fileni Bio, Con Marche Bio, Associazione Maccheroncini di Campofilone Igp, Consorzio del Tartufo di Acqualagna e delle Marche, Consorzio Casciotta d’Urbino Dop, Consorzio Tutela Oliva Ascolana del Piceno Dop, Assam Marche, QualitàMarche QM, Centro Agroalimentare San Benedetto del Tronto. Also the UniversitàPolitecnica delle Marche and Esitur Tour Operator participate.

To access the place a personal document of identity must be left at the reception. A card will then be received, charged with the ticket cost of € 3.00, should the guest chose to visit the multimedia path in the Palace basement where panels, digital monitors and touch screens describe the beauties of the Marche territory and mention the products of top typical oenological and gastronomic products. Otherwise, visitors may get to the first floor to enjoy food and wines from the territory: the card will be charged with the price of products he ate and drunk. These two options are not linked to each other. While tasting by the glass excellent wines chosen between forty DOC and DOCG labels, from bottles placed in their wine dispensers, it will also be possible to choose food from three selections of high quality regional products bearing DOP, IGP, BIO, STG, QM labels as well as from Slow Food stands. Expert staff will be available during the taste itinerary to offer information about the origin of each product and its quality.

A rich calendar of events is available to discover in detail and to taste each and every speciality of the Marche Region. Those who decide to join only have to take a look at the full program by accessing the site, signing in and booking with reasonable advance his place at the chosen events.




IME Experience - Istituto Marchigiano di Enogastronomia (The Institute of Oenology and Gastronomy of the Marche Region)

Via Federico Conti, 5
Jesi (AN)
0731 213386

OPENING TIME: Winter: Tuesday to Sunday 10:30 to14:00, 17:00 to 20:00. Summer (the 3rd June Saturday to the 3rd September Sunday, both included), open all day Tuesday to Sunday except for public holidays. Closed on all Mondays. Special closing days: 1st of January, September 22, September 23, 24 and 25, in the afternoon December 24 in the afternoon, December 25, December 31 in the afternoon. The price of the ticket is € 3.00 (in case visitors chose to have a tour in the story of oenological and gastrono

Recommended for: Family - Business - Meeting - Shopping - Food and wine

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