IGT Marche

The typical geographical indication 'Marche’ covers the whole region and has definitely contributed to the value of those territories that are not able to take advantage of the denomination of checked origin. In our region the wine growers have used such denomination with the purpose to raise the quality of their own products and at the same time table wines have decreased a lot.
The following wines can be produced: red, white and rosé; also in the types such as Passito (a traditional one) and “Novello” for the red, sparkling wines of quality and also aromatic, fizzy, grape-must partially fermented, wine produced from the passite or stramature grapes; if any of the wines listed below contains at least 85% of the above thenit can be shown on the label: ALICANTE; BARBERA; CABERNET SAUVIGNON; CABERNET FRANC;CHARDONNAY; CILIEGIOLO; FIANO; GAGLIOPPO; GRECHETTO; INCROSIO BRUNI 54, MALVASIA BIANCA OF CANDIA; MERLOT; MOSCATOWHITE; PASSERINA; PINOT BIANCO; PINOT GRIGIO; PINOTNERO; REBO; RIESLING; SANGIOVESE; SAUVIGNON; SYRAH; TREBBIANO TOSCANO; it is also possible to point out two of these vines if the wine is exclusively derived from the same and if the variety presented is no greater than 15%

Text taken from "Le Marche nel bicchiere 2021"

The Attractions of Ancona

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Ancona things to Watch

Discover the attraction Ancona, the Cardeto Park

Ancona, the Cardeto Park

The real green lung of the town centre of Ancona is the lush Cardeto Park, which extends over the Cappuccini and Cardeto hills and represents a destination for...

Discover the attraction Ancona - Vanvitelli’s Bulk, alias “Leper hospital”

Ancona - Vanvitelli’s Bulk, alias “Leper hospital”

The pentagonal structure, designed by the papal architect Luigi Vanvitelli, is placed into the inner part of Ancona’s natural harbour in a strategic and...

Discover the attraction Ancona - Merchants’ Loggia – Great Hall and “Tibaldi” Hall

Ancona - Merchants’ Loggia – Great Hall and “Tibaldi” Hall

Loggia dei Mercanti is an emblem of the merchant spirit of Ancona. Erected in the heart of the city, close to the port, it can hardly be unnoticed, impressive...

Discover the attraction Ancona - The ancient port

Ancona - The ancient port

The Dori founded the city of Ancona in 387 a.c.; they settled here because of the possibilities that the natural harbor offered. The coast forms an elbow, from...

Discover the attraction Ancona  - Pinguino Dive Club

Ancona - Pinguino Dive Club

The Pinguino Dive Club organizes diving courses for groups and individuals.Thanks to SSI international teaching, it provides top quality didactic materials for...

Discover the attraction Ancona - Church of San Domenico

Ancona - Church of San Domenico

The Church of San Domenico was built between 1765 and 1788 by the Roman architect Carlo Marchionni. The present Church was built on the site of an old medieval...