Honey has always been used for sweeten foods and beverage. The hills of the Marche, cultivated with fodder legumes, alfalfa, sainfoin, gives to bees a large amount of nectars. Among the typical regional products there are the famous “wildflower honey”. Some municipalities of the Marche are part of the Città del Miele Association: Belforte all’Isauro (PU), Matelica (MC), Ostra (AN), Pievebovigliana (MC), while in Montelupone (MC) the Exhibition Market of Honey and natural products and Quality Award for the best honeys take place every summer. Honey can be combined with many recipes, local desserts and cheese.



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The Attractions of REGIONE MARCHE

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Discover the attraction Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Not far from the Conero park, in a quiet area you can find the Aspio thermal spa.Inhalation therapies, nutritional advice, anti-aging cures, a health centre and...

Discover the attraction Fabriano . Accordion International Museum

Fabriano . Accordion International Museum

When you are at Castelfidardo, you can miss anything but a visit at the Accordion International Museum, a musical instrument work of genius with an...

Discover the attraction Osimo - The

Osimo - The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre

The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre was built in the same place as the older theatre and designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli between 1773 and 1787. The theatre...

Discover the attraction Osimo - Town walls of opus quadratum and the Fonte Magna

Osimo - Town walls of opus quadratum and the Fonte Magna

Osimo’s town walls are one of the most important evidence of town planning made by the ancient Roman colony of Auximum, founded in the 2nd century A.D....

Discover the attraction Caves of Osimo

Caves of Osimo

Besides  the sacred rituals, the complex maze of underground galleries in the Roman period also served to provide hydraulic pipes for tanks and springs,...

Discover the attraction Osimo - Basilica of S. Giuseppe da Copertino

Osimo - Basilica of S. Giuseppe da Copertino

San Giuseppe da Copertino, known as the “The Saint of flights”, is one of the most interesting personalities of the Christian mysticism. As...