Fano - Basilica of Vitruvius

Impressive traces of wall have come to light beneath the Church and Monastery of St. Augustine These have captured the imagination and stirred interest among researchers for centuries. 
Identified either as part of the Basilica designed by the architect Vitruvio and described in "De Architectura" or alternatively as part of the temple of Fanum Fortunae which gave the city it’s name, the remains comprise a long wall with small blocks of stone punctuated by pilasters and windows, small fan-shaped arches, a stretch of wall and apse, columns and drainage channels.

Guided visits to the roman buildings under the Church of Sant’Agostino are organized by Fano Archeoclub during the year.

In winter (from mid-September to mid-June) visits are organized on the second Saturday in the month (when the Antiques Fair is also held) at 5:30 p.m.  In Summer (from mid-June to mid-September) visits are possible on Wednesday and Friday evening at 9:30 p.m. (in August also on Thursday evening).

Reservation required : Fano Archeoclub mob. 339.8070687 –


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Discover the attraction Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

The Montanari audiovisual Library is housed in a building which was designed by Giuseppe Balducci. He recycled the materials coming from the demolished convent...

Discover the attraction Mediateca Montanari - MeMo

Mediateca Montanari - MeMo

Mediateca Montanari stands on a very important site of Roman Fano. It is a wide area surrounded by “Portici” having colums made of brick, where the...

Discover the attraction Fano - The Malatestiana Fortress

Fano - The Malatestiana Fortress

The Malatestiana Fortress is situated at the northern corner of Fano's Roman wall, which presumably embeds a tower. The structure was already in use in the...

Discover the attraction The theatre of Fortune

The theatre of Fortune

The original Teatro della Fortuna in Fano was built in 1665 by the great theatre and set designer Giacomo Torelli though it was rebuilt in...

Discover the attraction Fano - Cathedral of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Fano - Cathedral of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The Cathedral, dedicated to the Assumption, stands on Via Arco di Augusto. It was rebuilt in 1140 after a fire had destroyed the earlier building. Its...

Discover the attraction Civic Museum

Civic Museum

On the ramp leading to the stairway is the mezzanine housing an interesting collection of 19th and 20th century paintings.In the centre of the room on...