Fabriano - The Market of Fabriano


Several tens of years ago the Market Hall was a real sales and aggregation centre: the farmers and merchants of local farms used to come and expose on its benches the fruits of their fields, so animating the life of the square and the community and helping the sharing. Nowadays, the Covered Market is still in its place, yet has it become something more: from the premises of the marketing of herbs, in fact, a new environment has arisen, completely renovated but firmly tied to the tradition of the land, to make it easy the knowledge of local specialties of Fabriano.


The Attractions of Fabriano

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Discover the attraction Fabriano - Civic Art Gallery

Fabriano - Civic Art Gallery "Bruno Molajoli"

This gallery is dedicated to the important art historian Bruno Molajoli (died 1986), born in Fabriano. It preserves one of the most important collections of...

Discover the attraction International Watercolor Museum

International Watercolor Museum

On April 20th, 2017, Fabriano inaugurated the startup of the Contemporary International Watercolor Museum, the first in the world.A project...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Cathedral of San Venancio

Fabriano - Cathedral of San Venancio

The Cathedral of St. Venancio is one of the most important and prestigious churches of the Marche, both for its fine architectural structures and for...

Discover the attraction Fabriano: The Sassi Multimedia Library

Fabriano: The Sassi Multimedia Library

The seat of the Sassi multimedia Library is the Complex of St. Francesco which is right at the centre of the main square in Fabriano. It’s undergone...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - The

Fabriano - The "Gentile da Fabriano" Theatre

From an acoustic point of view, the Gentile da Fabriano Theatre (1884) is one of the most important of the Marche. The interior and the curtain of the theatre...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Church of  S. Maria del Buon Gesù

Fabriano - Church of S. Maria del Buon Gesù

It is no doubt the busiest Church in Fabriano. Many people every day come and ask Our Lady of Good Jesus, patroness of the city, for protection. The Church is...