Fabriano - Infiorata of Fabriano

Within the events that take place every year in Fabriano since 1995 in the month of June on the occasion of the Palio di San Giovanni Battista (news of a Palio in Fabriano are reported in the Municipal Statute of 1436), is a competition on the art of the Infiorata between the infioratori of the four town districts (being part of the National Association of Artistic Infiorate "Infioritalia").
In the cloisters and squares of the historic center, places of the historical re-enactment of the fourteenth Century of Fabriano (the city’s golden age), are every year realized for the patron feast beautiful floral carpets as a testimony of collective, religious and folk art.
The sketches prepared by local artists, by virtue of a patient and skilful composition of herbs, flowers and shrub species, are transformed by the portaioli in scenes and figures dedicated to the cult of St. John the Baptist.
Dated 2002 is the first edition, with an international nature, of the Festival of Artistic Infiorate called ''Europe infiora Fabriano'' (Europe decorates Fabriano with Flowers) on the theme "The Middle Ages between Legend and History", with over 400 Masters Infioratori from all over Italy and from different European countries having worked on it for over a night and a day.

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Fabriano: The Sassi Multimedia Library

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Fabriano - The "Gentile da Fabriano" Theatre

From an acoustic point of view, the Gentile da Fabriano Theatre (1884) is one of the most important of the Marche. The interior and the curtain of the theatre...

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Fabriano - Church of S. Maria del Buon Gesù

It is no doubt the busiest Church in Fabriano. Many people every day come and ask Our Lady of Good Jesus, patroness of the city, for protection. The Church is...

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Fabriano - Civic Art Gallery "Bruno Molajoli"

This gallery is dedicated to the important art historian Bruno Molajoli (died 1986), born in Fabriano. It preserves one of the most important collections of...

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Fabriano - Cathedral of San Venancio

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Fabriano - Church of St.Filippo

Originally built in the years 1646 to 1649 by Michele Buti from Pisa, it was rebuilt following the earthquake of 1741, by the architect Pietro Maria Loni. It is...