Fabriano- Nativity scene in Precicchie


The magic castle of Precicchie and many local food and wine attractions are the elements of the Christmas event “ A castle, a Nativity scene” which started in 1987 and which represents the most important scenes of the birth of Jesus.

In Precicchie, a little hamlet of the municipality of Fabriano, with steep little roads, very narrow paths, squares and cliffs you can take part to the birth of Jesus. It’s a traditional event yet it’ always new and moving. It’s organized by the Association of Precicchie Castle.


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Discover the attraction Fabriano - The fortified village of Precicchie

Fabriano - The fortified village of Precicchie

The fortitied village of Precicchie, perched on top of a hill at mt. 535 above sea level, was fief of Counts Attone and later fell under the influence of Lords...

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Apiro - Abbey of Sant’Urbano

The Sant’Urbano abbey, named after the patron saint of the town, is a few kilometers far from Apiro, a hilly village near the Mount San Vicino and...

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Fabriano: fortified village of Castelletta

The fortified village of Castelletta is 21 km far from Fabriano and it’s 606 metres a.s.l. Crowned by Mount Rovellone, it still preserves the...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Abbey of S. Salvatore in Valdicastro

Fabriano - Abbey of S. Salvatore in Valdicastro

The abbey of S. Salvatore in Valdicastro was founded between 1005 and 1009 by Saint Romualdo who, in 1027, ended his days here. The present building was...

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Fabriano - Poggio San Romualdo

Poggio San Romualdo is located on the top of the homonymous mountain, few miles from Fabriano. There are few ruins of the original fortified village. Romualdo...

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The Frasassi Caves

In the heart of the Marche region, about 40 minutes drive from Ancona, in the Regional Natural of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi, certified with the European...