Bravi Mill


Bravi Mill boasts very ancient origins: some documents state that it is fully operational since 1565. The place where it stands, in Valcarecce di Cingoli, was an industrial area where also an olive-press, a sawmill and a gunpowder factory stood. The mill, powered by water, is managed since 1970 by the historical Bravi miller family from the town of Cingoli. Still working nowadays, it can be visited by those who wish to discover the ancient milling craft. Here soft wheat flours are produced, both whole and half whole, by grinding native wheat farmed in the surrounding area, and polenta flour from native and eight-lines corn, typical of the area. The mill is placed into a stone building and consists of three millstones dedicated to wheat, corn and spelt, all powered by water, which moves a series of spoon shaped blades tied to a shaft. Surrounded by vegetation, the building is set by a channel about 1.2 kilometers long, parallel to the Musone river, which diverts the river’s water, feeds a basin by the mill and originates the power required to move the blades. Special care and attention are paid by the three Bravi brothers for the production of the flours, so much so that in 2017 they were awarded by CCPB (an authority in charge of certifying and controlling food farming products in the biological, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable field) a certification stating that the grains used to produce flour are biological and locally farmed, with no use of plant protection products and of chemical fertilizers. The historical mill of Cingoli can be visited in the morning on Saturdays till 1 p.m. and upon reservation for guided group visits.


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