Bianchello del Metauro DOC

The grape used to make this wine is the Bianchello (Biancame), and only 5% of Malvasia Toscana grapes may be added. It goes very well with molluscs, crustaceans, the sweeter fishes, either raw or lightly marinated, but also with white meat dishes, soups and lightly seasoned pasta dishes. The production area of Bianchello del Metauro encompasses the area around the Metauro River and includes 18 municipalities in the Province of Pesaro- Urbino.
The wine is simple and easy drinking and has acquired more personality and a reasonable longevity over the past few years thanks to the good vineyard management and the implementation of some of the most up to date winemaking techniques.


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Fano - Leopardi Gardens

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Civic Museum

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