Ascoli Piceno - Historical Carnival of Ascoli Piceno


Having The Carnival of Ascoli Piceno been repeated for centuries and involving the entire citizenry, it has obviously changed its spirit over time; originally linked to Spring propitiatory rites, this event has gradually turned into a show with entertainment, during which the whole city becomes a theatre and citizens become actors. If you expect the classic carnival floats, it is not what you will find on this particular occasion, in which satire and fun are the masters. Actually the citizens themselves are the real protagonists, or spectators, of satirical scenes concerning important events and personalities of the local society, involving the audience in some sort of theatre which populates the streets of the city. On Thursday, Sunday and Shrove Tuesday, the beautiful Piazza del Popolo turns into the preferred stage for the staging of “Gran Carnevale in Piazza” (Grand Carnival in the Square) and for the occasion it is decorated with huge historical chandeliers fin de siècle, while in all the premises are organized Veglioni (some sort of “New Carnival’s Eve”) masquerade parties attended by people of all ages and professions. The days of Sunday and Shrove Tuesday are dedicated to a city competition for masked groups, divided into categories based on the number of participants and awarded on Tuesday evening by a jury that judges the most original idea, best costumes and of course the “funniest topic”. Besides the organized groups the city is populated by single people in mask, who, with few resources and a lot of imagination, can bring to life the ironic and surreal atmosphere of the event. A wonderful artistic and historical atmosphere enrich the entertainment, which makes the period of carnival an unmissable moment to visit the capital of the Piceno.

The Historic Carnival of the Piceno area brings together the traditions of Offida, Castignano and Pozza-Umito along with the one of its capital city Ascoli Piceno. It represents one of the most important events of the year as it involves the entire Piceno territory.


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