Ancona - Mechanical Nativity of Montesicuro

Montesicuro, charming hamlet not far from Ancona, has been hosting a mechanical Nativity for decades. There are statues of various materials  in a setting rebuilt in a realistic way.

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Discover the attraction The Museum of ancient weapons and medieval Fortress

The Museum of ancient weapons and medieval Fortress

The museum, located in the medieval Fortress of Offagna, has a quadrangular plan with keep and towers. It was built in the 15th century on a cliff. The...

Discover the attraction Ancona  - C.A.S.

Ancona - C.A.S.

The CAS (Underwater Activities Centre) was founded in Ancona in 1965 by a group of friends who shared a common passion for the sea. It is registered in the...

Discover the attraction Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Not far from the Conero park, in a quiet area you can find the Aspio thermal spa.Inhalation therapies, nutritional advice, anti-aging cures, a health centre and...

Discover the attraction Comitato Italiano Paralimpico delle Marche

Comitato Italiano Paralimpico delle Marche

In Italy, the Canoe Movement for Disabled is born at the end of the 80s. In the early 90s, the FICK opened participation to contests of speed, slalom and...

Discover the attraction Ancona - Belvedere Park

Ancona - Belvedere Park

Located in a very charming panoramic position in the Posatora district of Ancona, the Belvedere Park overlooks the harbor and the core of the historical ...

Discover the attraction Ancona - Sunset beach

Ancona - Sunset beach

Palombina beach boasts an exclusive Kitesurf school at the beach resort Sunset beach. There are valid instructors of Kitesurf.The coastline is completely...