Acqualagna - National Fair of White Truffle

It comes back the appointment with the National Fair of the White Truffle in Acqualagna, where the age-old tradition of research, production and sale of truffles makes its market the meeting place for national and international .promotion and marketing.  Acqualagna’s central square is a large area with over one hundred stands, where you can buy fresh truffles and further local quality products such as cured meats, wine, honey and cheese. The Palatartufo area counts of more than 200,000 visitors in a town recognized as the “Capital of Taste”, thanks to its quality products, tradition, history, authentic flavours and to The white truffle which is the most valuable on the market in terms of organoleptic properties and price.



The Attractions of Acqualagna

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Discover the attraction Parco Avventura del Furlo

Parco Avventura del Furlo

In the State Natural Reserve of the Furlo Gorge, a short walk from the city and in a unique and pristine environment, is the Furlo Adventure Park, which is...

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Flaminian Way and Furlo Gorge

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Acqulagna - Museum of the Territory

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Discover the attraction Acqualagna - Abbey of San Vincenzo al Furlo

Acqualagna - Abbey of San Vincenzo al Furlo

Set in the wonderful scenery of the Furlo Gorge Nature Riserve, in Acqualagna, the white truffle capital of Italy, the abbey was built in memory of Saint...

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Acqualagna - Furlo Fall

The Furlo Gorge is a deep and narrow split that separates Mount Paganuccio (976 m) from Mount Pietralata (888 m); it is characterized by almost vertical walls...

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Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve

Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve covers an area of 3.626,94 hectares of protected land. It was established in 2004. The towns included in the reserve are:...