Paesaggio Urbino

Wild herbs for cooking - 7 nights

When you were a child it maybe happened to you to go out and gather mushrooms, berries or chestnuts. During this family days out people gathered real gifts of nature that were wisely turned into jams, marmelades and jellies or into traditional and local dishes whose secrets are now almost lost. 
Life in cities has led us to give little importance to what the countryside can offer us, but herbs and fruits that nature gives us can be used for various tasty kitchen preparations.

Strolling in the countryside with a herb and flower expert you will look for the ideal conditions in which herbs develop, find them and get to know their properties. You will also see a demonstration of how they can be brought to our tables in healthy and tasty dishes.

After the herbs workshop, visit the Botanical Garden of Urbino, wonderful treasure where you will find rare herbs and flowers. 
If you have the chance of booking during the month of May you will also enjoy the wonders of the Garden of the Lost Roses in Maciolla.

Pennabilli, another wonderful gem of Montefeltro, will open the doors of its 'Places of the Heart' during the visit to the Garden of Forgotten Fruits and Petrified Garden inspired by Tonino Guerra.

A pleasant dinner with wild herbs local dishes will close this worth remembering experience.
Package 7 nights / 2 people includes:

- 7 nights in an apartment
- Workshop: edible wild herbs collection, preparation, tasting
- Guided tour of the botanical gardens of Urbino
- Visit to the Garden of the Lost Roses of Maciolla (open only in May)
- Visit to the Garden of Forgotten Fruits of Pennabilli
- Visit to the Petrified Garden of Pennabilli
- Dinner dishes with wild herbs from the Cucco in Urbania

cost of 7 nights package  per person (min 2 people):  480,00 €