Paesaggio Urbino

The misteries and secrets of Montefeltro - Alchemy, secret brotherhoods, intrigues and sins on the hills of Montefeltro

The cliff of San Leo, inaccessible from any side, is visible from miles away. Its rocks overlooking the valley offer the fortress a stunning adn strategic view over a vast territory and the extraordinary natural conformation of the place gives San Leo an old and mysterious charm.

Since prehistoric times the site has been given a sacred value, the same feeling of awe and fear will precede you on your arrival.
Over the years the role of the fortress built on top of the cliff of San Leo led to the birth of still unsolved mysteries.
Alchemy, magic, intrigue, power, brotherhoods and masonry are closely tied to the events of the fortress and the town of San Leo and we invite you to discover them with us.

We suggest you an itinerary full of mystery, history, taste and the breathtaking beauty of Montefeltro, as well as a stay in a charming resort or in an exclusive apartment.

We will continue our journey to Urbino and the mysteries of the Court of Federico da Montefeltro, in our itinerary our guide will unveil the secrets of unsuspecting mysterious places.

Urbania is another place of hidden secrets, it is well known for the historic presence of the Brotherhood of the Good Death, who accompanied his initiates in their last journey. You will visit the crypt where the Brotherhood placed and preserved the mummified remains of its members.

Sassocorvaro also keeps an aura of mystery, on the 26th of August, people personally witnessed hearing screams and strange noises of chains under the main arch of the fortified town. Some argue they could see some ghosts cursed after a tragic battle.

When you go to Mercatello sul Metauro you will discover one of the places of the exile of Dante Alighieri: the Castello della Pieve. Walking through the streets of this beautiful medieval village you will arrive at the Girone dei Golosi (Gourmet circle in Dante's hell). It is a restaurant that opens its doors for a gourmet dinner, after all there is no better place to indulge in the pleasures of the table!

Do not miss this opportunity to see some of the Montefeltro secrets revealed and enjoy the best of what this mysterious land has to offer!
The package7 nights/4 people includes:

7 nights in an apartment or country hotel
1 guided tour lasting 3 hours (San Leo Fortress, Church of Santa Maria Assunta Duomo)
1 guided tour lasting 3 hours (Palazzo Ducale of Urbino + path of mystery)
1 wine tasting at a local shop of typical products
1 free visit to Sassocorvaro
1 free visit to the Mummies of Urbania
1 free visit to Mercatello sul Metauro
1 dinner at the restaurant Girone dei Golosi

Price  per person (min 4 people): € 370,00