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In the afternoon visit to Fano, region Marche third most populous city after Ancona and Pesaro, famous for its carnival, one of the oldest and most famous in Italy. We will start with a pleasant walk to discover the Roman Fano, with the Arch of Augustus (the gateway to the Roman city) and then continue towards the  Augustean Walls, also built as a part of the important monumental project of the city of Augustan period and preserved for about two thirds of their original extension. Then it will be the turn of the Malatesta Fortress ( Rocca ), standing at the north-eastern end of the ancient Roman walled town. 

The complex has a quadrangular plan with three sides - including the one where the entrance is protected by a moat. Currently, after restoration, large-scale events and shows are held in summer in the lawned courtyard of the Rocca, hosting up to 800 seats. Then we will visit the Teatro della Fortuna (theater of Fortune ) , located inside the fourteenth-century Palazzo del Podestà , and admire the nineteenth-century historical sipario (theater curtain) that depicts an imaginary entrance of the Emperor Caesar Octavian Augustus into the ancient Colonia Iulia Fanestris. The visit will continue with the former church of San Francesco, a unique and suggestive open-air monument , roofless since the 1930 earthquake. Certainly one of Fano  most beautiful monumental complexes , the former church of St Frances has a medieval origin, but was completely modified in the nineteenth century.  In the evening, arrival at the hotel in Fano, dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast  we will reach the village  of Gradara.  The town has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy and is known for its historic  Malatesta Fortress  , which together with its fortified village and its walls is a characteristic example of medieval architecture. Free walk through the center of Gradara with the possibility of a guided tour of the castle, one of the best preserved in Italy.  In addition, the two walls that protect the fortress, the outermost extending for almost 800 meters, contribute to making it one of the most impressive of the peninsula. 

The Castle stands on a hill 142 meters above sea level. The keep - the so called “mastio” main tower, rises as up as 30 meters, dominating the entire valley. Free lunch.  In the early afternoon we will reach Urbino,  UNESCO World Heritage Site  since 1998, one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance, of which it fully preserves the architectural heritage .  Guided tour of the most important sites of the city: - the Palazzo Ducale - a small fortified city commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro and built from 1444 - the National Gallery of the Marche: about 80 rooms of the Duke’s Palace transformed into a museum. The collection includes works of art created between the14th and the 17th century, mainly paintings but including furniture, sculptures, tapestries and drawings as well. 

The main works are located on the first floor, in the apartments where the Duke and his family lived. In the Duke’s Apartment there are two famous masterpieces by Piero della Francesca: the Flagellation of Christ and the Madonna of Senigallia.  The Oratory of San Giovanni is also worth a visit: one meight be deceived by the banal Gothic facade built in the early 1900s, but the true masterpiece of the Oratory, well hidden beyond the entrance door and painted on the walls, is the frescoed cycle by the Salimbeni brothers, Lorenzo and Jacopo, from San Severino (about 1400), the most important interpreters of the late Gothic in the Marche region. In the evening, arrival at the hotel in Fossombrone, dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast, meet your hiking environmental guide to start your trekking tour at the Gola del Furlo (Furlo Gorge).  An interesting route from Passo del Furlo to the refuge of the same name, crossing a wild and unspoiled environment and offering magnificent panoramic views of the gorge below.  At the end of the route,  you will reach Acqualagna and have lunch in a typical restaurant with a menu based on truffles.  In the early afternoon, guided tour of the Truffle Museum, at the discovery of the truffle universe on a path divided into three sections, each associated with an experimental interpretation key.  Then we will reach the small village of Piobbico to admire the Brancaleoni Castle,  built in the 13th century, remodeled and transformed into a splendid Renaissance residence during the 16th century.  The castle has recently been restored.  At the end of the visit, pleasant walk through the alleys of the village.  Return to the hotel in Fossombrone, dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast we will return to the Gola del Furlo, this time to canoe the Marmitte dei Giganti (the Giants’ Potholes).  The excursion winds through a deep canyon known for its particular morphology, that shows circular wells dug by the rush of the Metauro river.  The up to 30 meters high rock walls highlight the white  flint  limestones  that tell a millions years old geological history and become a suggestive natural scenery, unique in its kind.  Crossing the canyon by canoe allows you to admire it from a different perspective that offers breathtaking views, plays of light and shadows, endless echoes. The total duration of the excursion is about two hours.  The adventure continues to the nearby Furlo where a short walk will take you to one of Marche most spectacular panoramic views, where your gaze lingers between infinity and the amazing gorge. Free lunch. 

In the afternoon visit to the village  of Fossombrone. Medieval center lying on the slope of a hill, dominated by the ruins of the Malatesta fortress, Fossombrone is a smaller Urbino,  thanks to its characteristic architecture and to its having been under the power of the Montefeltro for a long time.  The old town main attractions are Corso Garibaldi noble palaces, the church of St Frances and the Cathedral, as well as the Palazzo Ducale with its high court.  Then you will reach the city of Ancona, stopping at Senigallia for a last pleasant walk.  In the evening, arrival at the hotel in the Ancona area, dinner and overnight stay.


After breakfast, meeting with your environmental trekking guide  to start on a tour of the Mount Conero.  Immersed in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean scrub, a  hiking loop will make you discover the many sites of historical and environmental interest on the  Conero  promontory: the Abbey of San Pietro with its beautiful crypt, the caves dug in Roman times, the enigmatic rock carvings and of course the breathtaking views of the white cliff plunging into the Adriatic Sea, such as the Southern Belvedere and the Path of the wolf (Passo del Lupo) overlooking the famous Beach of the two Sisters (Due Sorelle). Free lunch. 

In the afternoon guided tour of  the town of Camerano or rather of its Underground city, carved with labyrinthine pattern in the sandstone   along the basement of the old town.  For a long time the many tunnels were believed to be but the remains of ancient sandstone quarries or places to store wine.  The explorations and studies carried out, however, revealed the presence in almost all areas of architectural embellishments (carvings, vaults, decorated columns) not suitable for quarries or simple cellars.  After the tour  you will have chance to take a  leisurely stroll in Portonovo, well-known tourist and seaside resort on the Conero  Riviera, facing   the homonymous bay.  Return to the hotel in the Ancona area, dinner and overnight.


After breakfast, guided tour of the city of Ancona, settled by the Greeks who named it “ Ankon “ (elbow); the ancient Ancona in fact stands on a promontory shaped like a bent elbow, offering a perfect natural shelter to its port. The visit will begin from the millenary Cathedral of San Ciriaco which rises in a scenic position at the top of the Guasco hill, then you will go down the Lazzaretto (Lazaret Hospital ), also known as Mole Vanvitelliana, from the name of its architect Luigi Vanvitelli (Van Wittel).  It stands on an artificial pentagonal island located in the port.  Inside the Mole we will visit the Omero Museum one of the few tactile museums in the world.  Free lunch and end of services

The fee includes  : nr.  5  nights half board in a double / twin room;   medical / baggage insurance.

The fee includes  : nr.  5  nights half board in a double / twin room  ;   guided tours of the cities of Ancona and Urbino;   guided trekking in the Furlo gorge on the  third day;   entrance and guided tour of the caves of Camerano;   medical / baggage insurance. 

The fee includes  : nr.  5  nights half board in a double / twin room;   guided tours of the cities of Ancona and Urbino;   guided trekking in the Furlo gorge on the third day;   lunch in a restaurant in Acqualagna with a truffle-based menu;   canoe excursion to the Giants’ Potholes (Marmitte  dei  Giganti) (equipment included);   guided trekking of Mount  Conero;   entrance and guided tour of the caves of Camerano;   medical / baggage  insurance.

meals not mentioned, drinks at the meals;   admissions where not specified and anything not not mentioned under the heading “ the fee includes” .

-  Single sroom supplement                 
-  Optional insurance against cancellation penalties

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Any part of Italy is wonderful to be discovered, but there is one region that can leave you truly breathless: Marche. Our agency has unique features in our territory, we can organise travel according to the purpose: study travel, work travel, holidays, cultural travel, natural experience, shopping journeys, etc. We are also specialize in planning weddings and weddings travels in Italy or in our region taking care of everything from A to Z The famous guide Lonely Planet has ranked Italy 2nd in the top 10 most beautiful and fascinating places to visit, right after the evocative tour along the Silk Road, in Central Asia. Green hills, endless vineyards, beautiful beaches, enchantingwoods, cities of art and ancient villages are all around. Thanks to Criluma, you will be able to get to know cities that willsteal your heart, such as Urbino, an enchanting picturesque Renaissance village located in the north of the region, which still retains the atmosphere of one of the brightest periods for Italian art and culture, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the death of its most famous citizen, Raffaello. However, Urbino is just one of the many wonders that the Marche region boasts. Among the most popular destinations are the Frasassi Caves, near the town of Genga: an extensive underground system of karst caves where you can admire the gigantic sculptures created by nature, known as stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover, the beautiful Loreto, a religious and spiritual landmarkpar excellence, a Marian pilgrimage destination known worldwidefor its majestic Basilica. In addition, during the summer, the Marche coast offers countlessbeautiful beaches, where you can relax and have fun in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Among the most beautifulattractions, there are certainly Sirolo and Numana, sitting in thepromontory of Monte Conero. The south of the Marche Region is full of breathtaking landscapes, centuries-old traditions, myths and legends. The Red Blades can be considered as the Grand Canyon of the Marche Region, one of the most fascinating and well-known places on the SibilliniMountains. A 7-km-long itinerary that will take you up close to see wonderful rock formations with pinnacles and towers. The area of the Sibillini Mountains National Park is defined by many as magical and wild: legend has it, in fact, that there lies the kingdom of the mythical Sibyl. The places across the border of the Marche and Umbria regions are rich in ancient myths and legendsas well, adding to the evocativeness of attractions such as the cave of Sibilla and Pilate’s lake, the only natural lake in the entire region. A unique habitat where many animal and vegetable species, nowhere else to be found, coexist, such as a small and rare crustacean, which gives water its typical reddish nuance. All around the Marche region there are companies that have produced food and wine products for centuries. Moreover, there are true districts of handcrafted products such as shoes in the province of Fermo, hats in the enchanting area of Montappone and then bags, tailored objects and furnishings in the Pesaro area. The food and wine and handicrafts of the Marche Region have always been renowned and nationally certified as products of Italian excellence. The Marche region awaits you with its culture, art, history, tradition, fashion, adventure, food and unpolluted nature. At Criluma, a national landmark for tourism based in the Marche region, we look forward for you to discover our region at its best.
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