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Spend your holiday in a villa and try the amazing experience of truffle hunting

The Marche region is rich in truffles and you can find it all year round, white, black in summer or winter depending on the season. The one of truffles is a mysterious world full of secrets.

They come from all over the world to experience the unique experience of hunting the precious tuber, suitable for both young and elderly people.

Book a holiday in a villa with swimming pool, a farmhouse, or an apartment and dive into the world of truffles. The truffle hunter with his faithful dog will take you into the woods and on the truffle grounds where you can discover all the well-kept secrets of this unique and fascinating tradition.

At the end of the hunting it will be a joy for the palate to enjoy a lunch or dinner of truffle specialties.

Then you can go back to the villa and just relax by the pool.

This proposal is tailor-made for you based on the period you are interested in, how many participants, and the type of truffle you want to taste.

Fill in the form and we will contact you immediately for a dedicated proposal.
Weekly stays in a villa. The properties are located all over Le Marche region, it is possible to book them depending on the availability and the number of guests.
Truffle hunting experience with truffle expert and his faithful dog.