Paesaggio Urbino



6  people

7 days and 7 nights

Overnight stays in Casale Malatesta Pasta Cooking Class at Casale Malatesta 2 Gourmet dinners at Casale Malatesta 1 Wine tasting at Umani Ronchi winery From 435 euro per person


Villa Rent Italy

Villa Rent Italy is a project born in 2017. The idea belongs to a group of some tourism experts who worked for a long time in destination management for self-catering and experiences specialized tour operators. Our team represents some of the finest and most experiences and exclusive villas in Le Marche and our experienced persons have been trained over a lifetime of living and working in Italy. We know Marche's culture and customs intimately and even after all this time - this wonderful country still delights us.
Villa Rent Italy
Contrada Coste 5/A
63853 - Montelparo
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