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Non Voglio Mica la Luna Movie Tour

Do you want to live an enchanting journey as a protagonist? I’m Not Asking for the Moon movie tour is an immersive experience through the sets of I’m Not Asking for the Moon web series, facing the prophecy that Nonna Sibilla has made. Are you ready to go on the track of ancient traditions, looking for lost in time objects? This might be the chance to prove yourself and become the hero of this fairytale.The mysterious appearances of Nonna Sibilla and the search of the necessary items will thrill the travelers, leading them to the discovery adventure through the most authentic places of Le Marche. The reward? The pleasure of living ancient traditions, tasting
THE TASKS Each traveler can choose the tasks to complete during the search of the items. Here’ s a selection:
Lose yourself in the outstanding beauty of nature in the Sibillini Mountains. Let yourself be led by the flavours of nature. You’ ll cross the woods surrounding Amandola and Fermo hinterland on the tracks of truffle and its precious flavour, accompanied by a guide and his flawless dogs.
Wine and its thousand varieties. A dip into the most prestigious barrels of Le Marche. Travelers will be welcome in one of the Italian most renowned wine cellars and they’ ll be led in a multisensory path which will leave them speechless.
A LITTLE BUNCH OF FRESH FLOWERS Flower hunt in the Sibillini Mountains
Climb to the top of the mountains, reaching the greatest view made of valleys, paths and ravines, where thousands years old history lies, together with its boundless beauty. Here, among the magic atmosphere of the Sibillini Mountains, you’ ll start the hunt searching the most beautiful and rare flowers! Will you complete the task before the night will come, making the mountains reveal their darkest side?
HAVE YOUR FINGER IN THE PIE! Learn to cook the original Olive all’ Ascolana
The discovery travel of Le Marche must not fail to include a taste of traditional food. Solve the mistery of the unique quality that distinguishes Olive all’ Ascolana beginning from their ancient receipt, with the loving support of Nonna Maria. Learn to cook the original Olive all’ Ascolana, the most famous stuffed fried olives worldwide!
IT’ S SHOWTIME! Become a character of the web series  Not only a behind-the-scenes discovery: a movie tour requires the determination to go on stage! Helped by small-screen actors and by the director, you’ ll become the main character of the scenes. Certain moments remain stick in mind… those ones will for sure remain captured on film.