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Itinerary dedicated to the discover of the Picena civilization and the importance of the development of the village of Numana as a nerve centre of commercial and cultural exchanges. We will make a real journey through time in the Picena Numana to get to know the skills and industriousness of the Picenian civilization up close and to discover how their knowledge has evolved over time and reached the present day. We will visit the National Antiquarium of Numana where we will be able to admire the luxurious funeral equipment of the Queen and get to know the uses and customs of the Picena civilization.

After the visit to the museum we will move to Sirolo to visit the archaeological area of the Pines where it is still possible to admire the immense circle tomb of the Picenian Queen of Numana, the largest noble tomb found in a necropolis of that time. During the lunch break we will taste the typical dishes of the peasant tradition that turn to the food and wine specialities of the Conero Area. In the second part of our itinerary we will have a workshop experience dedicated to ceramics: guided by an experimental archaeologist, we will reproduce on of the finds seen during the visit to the Antiquarium that we can take home as a souvenir of the entire day.

We will conduct the day by visiting one of the Rosso Conero wineries in the area: we will have the opportunity to see how wine making techniques have evolved over time.


MEETING POINT: NUMANA. 9:30 am - arrival by own vehicle. Reception of the group and description of the itinerary. From the central square of Numana we will reach the Belvedere viewpoint from where it is possible to admire the entire port area of the village: here we will begin to learn about the Picena civilization and the importance of the Numana emporium for the commercial and cultural exchanges of that time.

VISIT OF THE STATE ANTIQUARIUM OF NUMANA: 10:30 am - after the visit to the historic center we will reach the State Antiquarium of Numana to deepen the knowledge of the Piceno world and admire the sumptuous funeral equipment of the Queen’s tomb up close.

VISIT OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA OF THE PINI: 12:00 - after the visit to the museum we will move towards Sirolo and we will visit the Archaeological area of Pini, seat of the circle tomb of the Queen, the largest noble circle tomb found in a Picene necropolis in the area of ancient Numana.

LUNCH BREAK: 1:00 pm - stop for lunch where we will taste the typical products of the peasant cuisine of the area, trying to identify with a banquet of the noble Picena class.

EXPERIMENTAL ARCHEOLOGY LABORATORY: 4.00 pm - after lunch we will create an experimental archaeology laboratory: through the ceramic processing techniques once used by the Picenes, we will reproduce one of the artifacts seen during the visit to the State Antiquarium of Numana (laboratory will take palce at the Capanna Picena).

VISIT TO THE CELLAR OF ROSSO CONERO: 6.30 pm - we will end the day by visiting one of the wineries in the Conero area, where we will continue to learn about the winemaking tradition of these lands started with the Piceni, to get to the present day and learn about the production of the Rosso Conero, typical wine of the Conero Riviera. We will conclude the visit to the cellar with a wine tasting accompanied by typical local products.

RETURN: 20:30 - autonomous return to your own homes.

- BASE 2 PAX: EURO 200

- BASE 5 PAX: EURO 130

- BASE 10 PAX: EURO 105

- BASE 20 PAX: EURO 94

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Any part of Italy is wonderful to be discovered, but there is one region that can leave you truly breathless: Marche. Our agency has unique features in our territory, we can organise travel according to the purpose: study travel, work travel, holidays, cultural travel, natural experience, shopping journeys, etc. We are also specialize in planning weddings and weddings travels in Italy or in our region taking care of everything from A to Z The famous guide Lonely Planet has ranked Italy 2nd in the top 10 most beautiful and fascinating places to visit, right after the evocative tour along the Silk Road, in Central Asia. Green hills, endless vineyards, beautiful beaches, enchantingwoods, cities of art and ancient villages are all around. Thanks to Criluma, you will be able to get to know cities that willsteal your heart, such as Urbino, an enchanting picturesque Renaissance village located in the north of the region, which still retains the atmosphere of one of the brightest periods for Italian art and culture, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the death of its most famous citizen, Raffaello. However, Urbino is just one of the many wonders that the Marche region boasts. Among the most popular destinations are the Frasassi Caves, near the town of Genga: an extensive underground system of karst caves where you can admire the gigantic sculptures created by nature, known as stalactites and stalagmites. Moreover, the beautiful Loreto, a religious and spiritual landmarkpar excellence, a Marian pilgrimage destination known worldwidefor its majestic Basilica. In addition, during the summer, the Marche coast offers countlessbeautiful beaches, where you can relax and have fun in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Among the most beautifulattractions, there are certainly Sirolo and Numana, sitting in thepromontory of Monte Conero. The south of the Marche Region is full of breathtaking landscapes, centuries-old traditions, myths and legends. The Red Blades can be considered as the Grand Canyon of the Marche Region, one of the most fascinating and well-known places on the SibilliniMountains. A 7-km-long itinerary that will take you up close to see wonderful rock formations with pinnacles and towers. The area of the Sibillini Mountains National Park is defined by many as magical and wild: legend has it, in fact, that there lies the kingdom of the mythical Sibyl. The places across the border of the Marche and Umbria regions are rich in ancient myths and legendsas well, adding to the evocativeness of attractions such as the cave of Sibilla and Pilate’s lake, the only natural lake in the entire region. A unique habitat where many animal and vegetable species, nowhere else to be found, coexist, such as a small and rare crustacean, which gives water its typical reddish nuance. All around the Marche region there are companies that have produced food and wine products for centuries. Moreover, there are true districts of handcrafted products such as shoes in the province of Fermo, hats in the enchanting area of Montappone and then bags, tailored objects and furnishings in the Pesaro area. The food and wine and handicrafts of the Marche Region have always been renowned and nationally certified as products of Italian excellence. The Marche region awaits you with its culture, art, history, tradition, fashion, adventure, food and unpolluted nature. At Criluma, a national landmark for tourism based in the Marche region, we look forward for you to discover our region at its best.
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